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Outline which Outline?

Hi again!

I wanted to take some time today to give you some information and resources related to outlining. In my podcast episode Outline, Which outline? I discussed 4 different outline structures that I am a little bit more familiar with, which were the Three-Act Structure, the Save the Cat, The Hero's Journey, and the Take of Your Pants outlines.

I have included pictures here of all except the Take off Your Pants Outline because I couldn't find a compact version in picture form. However, if you look at the other three you will be able to see commonalities between all of them.

For example, they all start out by showing the character in they normal everyday life. This is the exposition and then they have an inciting event that forces them to change. Next they will go through a series of events that will bring them to the climax of the story where they fight the bad guy, they break up with that person they're meant to be with, they hit rock bottom, etc and they either learn their lesson or win that battle or not (because sometimes us authors don't let them win). Finally things resolve themselves and either you tie it up in a nice bow, or you leave a small thread that will lead them on their next journey.

So I've included some pictures for you of these structures to look at and compare and see if you can spot how they're similar and different. I also encourage you to search for outlines and check out other ones and see how they compare to the ones here.

The 3 act structure picture is from and they also have a ton of great writing resources. The hero's journey picture is from, and the save the cat picture is from Jessica Brody's book, Save the Cat.

And if you want to hear even more about this topic you can listen to the episode Outline, which Outline? in the podcast tab

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