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I think that writing a Blog might actually be harder than writing a book. How can that be possible you ask? I have no earthly idea, but if someone figures it out would you please let me know??

Anyway, it's been almost a month since I signed my Publishing Contract with FyreSyde Publishing. I am still in shock BTW and trying to get over my impostor syndrome. In the meantime I have self edited my debut title and sent it off to the Editor so it's a waiting game for the time being. (Yes I am working on other projects :) )

But for now I will tell you about how I ended up here. Surprisingly I was discovered by my publisher though the Twitter pitch session #SFFpit (Scifi-Fantasy Pitch) which is something that happens every 6 months on Twitter in different forms. I happened onto this information through a Facebook page if you can believe it, where they taught us how to write an appealing pitch for what is called Pitch Madness (PitMad) which also happens every 6 months.

Anyway, it just so happened that when I finished writing my book, that very day was an event and I decided to pitch out of curiosity. Then 2 weeks later I was signing a Publishing Contract!

It's so crazy the things we can happen upon in random situations. So if you're looking to be a traditionally published author I recommend joining groups. Many of them. Groups of Beta Readers, Critique Partners, etc. and let it lead you, because you truly never know where you will end up!

And if you want to know more about which groups I follow or anything else you can always reach out, I love to talk about my process.

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