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Anna Westfall is in her own personal Hell on Earth. ​

After making a deal with the Devil she's sentenced to a place where she is loathed by witches and warlocks for being soulless. When Anna ends up on house arrest for beating up a member of magical law enforcement, she’s had enough. All she wants is to go back to her old life, but as far as she knows, she’s stuck within the magical confines of the city, until a mysterious witch shows up at the bar with the answers she’s been looking for, but is undoing a deal with the Devil really that easy? ​ Not a chance... ​

Especially, when the Devil himself comes knocking on Anna’s door, and she’s forced to work with the reaper who took her soul. Everything gets more upside down and Anna is forced to decide between saving herself or letting the soul of her friend rot in the lower circles of Hell… ​


What’s a Devil’s Intern to do?

Now Available in audiobook form!

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